Software Testing Outsourcing Companies Can Turn Negative Testing Into Positive One!

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Negative testing is a very important practice for software development process since it does not only help to detect major failures but also generate essential strategic data on the risk model which underlies software testing and ensures complete confidence in the system’s quality.

Negative testing does mean something bad, not at all! On the contrary, it can be truly positive. Any kind of test execution process can be based on inconvenient and improper scenarios and it is called negative testing. As a result, you become aware of the state of the system namely if it is functioning correctly or not – so it is the same as any other test process from this perspective but the difference consists in the negatively-driven actions the tester takes.

Software testing outsourcing companies provide cost-effective QA services and perform various types of testing on demand. If you want your work to be done by experienced specialists, Ukrainian testers will be ready to fulfill all your expectations! Whether it be negative or positive testing, it will bring the most accurate and reliable results.

Unfortunately, negative testing happens to be wrongly interpreted. The reason for this is the negativity of this testing activity which is actually originating from the way the system is approached but not from the goal of proving that is not working. Under such circumstances, we can say that testers themselves are negative, but systems are not. They (the persons) simulate an unexpected behavior of end user or give invalid data to the system.

Our next topic will be dedicated to testers who are considered to be pessimistic people by nature, but believe it or not their scenarios are on default positive! How can this be possible??

The answer is as follows: all this is owing to anything but the test basis. More specifically, quality assurance organizations have to deal with requirements, business process diagrams, analysis deliverables, functional documentation that are always prepared and written in positive manners. Well, this seems to make logical sense, because negative expressions are not directly expected to be present in requirements. Put the other way round, we can learn from requirements how the system is supposed to behave rather than how it is not supposed to.

Quality assurance consultant is able to provide you all useful information on negative, positive and any other testing type you are interested in. This person has extensive experience in software testing area to address each QA challenge at all levels – tactical, strategic and operational.

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