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If you have not decided yet, who you want to be, or are looking for a job, but do not like the available vacancies, then necessarily consider such a profession as “Software Tester“. It will allow you to get into hi-tech industry, even without having a specialized education. IT jobs always pay higher than job opportunities in other career fields, besides, there are the job openings in any city. At the same time you will not be fired during a time of crisis in your country and you do not have to work in cold temperatures. Now there are a large number of IT companies, running international business, so working at one of them is considered to be prestigious as well. Working as a tester, you will always grow professionally and will be able to master other IT professions. Working for an international company, you will also improve your English knowledge.


All that is required from you are intelligence and curiosity. At the interview you will be asked to complete a couple of logic tasks, and the employers will communicate with you to just make sure that you are an adequate and purposeful person. If you become a provider of app testing service you will have a lot of work to do therefore you will be always able to earn crust.


The main task of the tester is to check that the program works according to the customer (the client)’s expectations. In other words, he should check that all the functions described in the documentation operate as intended, no errors occur while executing them, and there is nothing superfluous in the product. The tester reports all inconsistencies, errors and other problems to the programmer who is responsible for fixing them.


In professional slang any failure of the program is called a bug. Based on Wikipedia information, according to one version, in 1946, Harvard University scientists who tested the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator computer found a moth that was stuck between the contacts of an electromechanical relay, and Grace Hopper pronounced the term. The extracted insect was pasted with adhesive tape into the technical diary accompanied by the inscription: “First actual case of bug being found“. Another fashionable word, firmly seated in the vocabulary of IT professionals is a feature. Most teams develop programs iteratively, namely, they first write a minimal basic functionality, and then gradually expand it. So, each such small change in the program is called a feature. Now, using slang, we can say that the task of the tester is to test features and make bugs.

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