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Describing algorithms

Process of designing a software product does not end with the description of software modules and data organization. We should also consider how to implement tasks at hand. As a rule, this work is done by programmers. They choose the best algorithms and describe (sometimes in as much detail as possible) the sequence of logical steps necessary to perform each task. Software quality assurance testing services are delivered to find defects in the developed products and, as a result, to ensure their best quality.

A good textbook on the transformation of high-level tasks in the program code is the book by Edward Yourdon (1975).

Software Modeling

To better understand how the future software product will look like, it is possible that during the design stage its prototype may be developed – a model of the whole product or its part. The prototype is built very quickly and with minimum cost. It is easily changeable and does not do any real work.

Sometimes, the experts have to perform modeling of both design and also internal structure of the system. In the top-down approach, the design process is as follows: the system is divided into several independent modules or processes; in turn, these are divided into smaller modules, etc. The same procedure is performed to code them: higher level modules are written in the first instance, and only then the ones that they trigger. However, it also happens that the lower level subprograms considerably affect the whole development. For example, the system may require a low-level interrupt service routine (ISR) which work is completed for 60 microseconds. It is quite reasonable to write this program in advance to ensure that it is at all possible. In case of failure, it will be necessary to redesign other modules.

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Usually, the prototype is created to test the functionality of a future system and its user interface. This is an extremely useful technology: when people have the opportunity to personally experiment with the system or its prototype, their requirements change a lot. Ideas that seem simply brilliant while they are just observed in the specifications, may lose their entire attractiveness when embodied in a working model.

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