Quality Assurance Consultants: Discussion Groups & Product Survey

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Discussion Groups

Each product is designed for a specific market segment. The aim of this analysis method is to identify the key requirements of this segment.

To do this, the analyst selects a small group of people who, in his opinion, are the most typical representatives of the desired segment. Members of the group do not know each other. Analyst suggests them to discuss a particular topic. (There may be only a few topics, but not many of them.) He can guide the overall discussion by asking some inducing questions and drawing attention of the group’s members to a given topic, and, also, may not take part in the discussion at all. If the analyst is unable to guide the discussion properly, he can hire a more appropriate specialist who will do this work with excellence. His goal is to find out how the market is responding to the proposed idea, but in no case to convince the members of anything.

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Such a discussion can illuminate various aspects of the problem under discussion. The analyst can understand what users expect from such products, how they use these, which functions are most important for them. It is possible to enable the group to focus on a one particular function of the product or one of its capabilities. You can involve this group in the idea generation process before the detailed planning begins, and, also, there is a possibility to analyze the feedback of the members on components of the finished plan.

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Product Survey

Each product is meant to fully or partially automate a certain task, perhaps, a very complicated one. In order to clearly understand the essence of this task, the analyst conducts a survey of an item to be automated. He watches the people working, talks to them, trying to identify which benefits the product can bring to its future users. The analyst asks himself, what exactly is the problem he studies? How do people solve it without the product being developed? What is the sequence of their actions? At what point does each employee need specific information, and for what? What especially slows down his work, and why this problem has not been solved yet? The job of a survey specialist is closely related to the product’s design process and is essential for success of both its user interface and internal structure.

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