QA Engineer Interview: Common Questions and Correct Answers

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A job interview with an HR manager is quite an important moment in professional communication that decides if a person will get this job in the software testing company or not. Nowadays, there are a lot of methods and ways how to hold an interview. Recruitment specialists actively use all these methods depending upon role, occupational experience, and other factors.

Further in the article, we’ll analyze the most useful moments that will help to get a job as a tester right after several special interviews.

Note: all of the following will be presented in the form of questions and possible correct answers, in our view. Future QA engineers can easily use these tips when they prepare for a job interview.

Tell Us About Your Previous Experience as a QA Specialist

My current position is software QC engineer. In my daily working life, I use different OSes and platforms including the last versions of Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Also, I have experience in performing testing of applications, mobile products, and cross-platform software.

My best professional skills are:

  • Use of test cases, lists, and plans;
  • Relevant knowledge of performing the regression, smoke and automated testing, black box and white box testing, integration testing;
  • Familiar with databases, can write simple SQL requests to get some information from the database.

I can work closely with project managers, business analytics, and QA team lead.

Why QA?

I have always been interested in the software development process. Besides, I want to be a professional in the IT-sphere. That’s why I began learning this field.

Why did it have to be QA? The work as a software tester is connected with strict procedures of product development. This allows validating test scenarios, understanding business components of the software development, giving advice, etc.

Why Do You Like This Job (Profession)?

First of all, because one of the most important and appreciated things here is a qualitative and live product that will be popular among users worldwide.

Since testers constantly process program data with different options for finding bugs, you can see the potential of the creation and successful deployment of many various tests and methodologies of testing.

Moreover, this is an opportunity not only to find defects in the software functioning but also to create great use cases that will help perform software testing correctly, and in some way will make the development of add-ins and new features much easier.

Are You a Team Player or Do You Prefer to Work Alone?

I am quite a communicative person and work well in a team. In other words, I am completely a team player. I think that it is much better and faster to cope with some task if several specialists work on it simultaneously.

How Quickly Can You Get in Contact With New Co-Workers?

Based on my personal beliefs, if I start working in your QA department, I can quickly establish a friendly and professional contact with other employees. The first step in this process can be a chat about things in general (hobbies, shared interests, tastes, etc.).

Also, we can improve team communication on meet-ups where everyone can express his/her technical thoughts, listen to other colleagues’ advice, discuss modern trends in the software testing field.

What Personal Skills Should Your Future Manager Have?

Since we work with a project manager every day, we have to feel free and comfortable, as well as realize that all our thoughts about working moments will be heard and considered.

In my opinion, the good skill of any manager is the ability to manage people who are dealing with some issues. I think that such a person can set the right priorities and accomplish the aims together with other testers.

Can You Tell About a Situation When You Were Proud of Who You Are as a Professional?

When you check some functionality with a difficult logic, there can happen that ordinary test doesn’t give the needed results. Hence, the QA team cannot perform the testing and validation of the project.

In one such situation, I took over the responsibility for the deployment of particular testing techniques (I cannot disclose the details due to a confidential information agreement with my previous employer who provides software testing services).

As a result, the testing process has been speeded up and allowed developing a special testing method for some groups of difficult projects. Then I felt proud of me.

Why Did You Start Searching for a New Job?

I have been always wanted to get new skills and knowledge for my better professional future. Both these aims aren’t reached yet. That’s why I’m searching for a new job.

Describe Your Professional Future in the Next 2-3 Years?

I’m going to improve my professional level of knowledge in the QA sphere. Thus, in a few years, I’ll become a highly competitive professional in this field.

Why did I choose testing but not software development? I want to know how to find solutions for the most difficult and complicated problems, how to manage the quality control process, and so on.

Why Should We Hire You?

I think I’m a good candidate for the vacant position since I have huge experience in this field. I’m sure I can be an effective and helpful team player because I like to work in a friendly team atmosphere.

I like the process of developing and testing any software, as well as work in the supporting atmosphere of professional mutual understanding. Thus we can achieve any goal.

In my opinion, your company is exactly the place where I can constantly improve my professional skills. It’s very important for me to be part of your future business success.

Consequently, if you take into account at least these recommendations, you can prepare for any QA engineer job interview. Don’t forget that a successful job interview is already halfway to the goal. You will be ready for any question and you’ll get the desired job!

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