Problems of Custom Testing and How to Solve Them

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Custom testing is based on the communication between a client and a team of executives.

When you start working with a product, you need to pay special attention to establishing time frames since this may result in disputes that will lead to more serious disagreements on a method of working on a product.

You need to discuss the additional time needed to solve unexpected problems with a client, for example, during the development, more functions need to be tested and this may greatly increase the number of testing tasks.

Making a list of priorities will help to define the fields that need to be tested and this will, in turn, result in testing most functionality.

Disputes may arise due to unclearly set conditions, numerous bugs that need to be taken into account and cause an increase in a project’s price and also, more time that is needed to be spent and this affects product’s quality.

Incorrect assessment of these conditions may lead to conflict between a team of QA consultants and a client.

To prevent these situations from happening, you need to properly set priorities at all stages of development and testing. You need to mention what affects the product’s quality, define the criteria of finishing custom testing, and therefore, its delivery to a client.

Properly set goals for a team of testers who work on a project help to prepare good examples for testing in order to prevent software bugs from happening.

Creating detailed documentation with all requirements will protect either a client or a team of testers.

Designing a test plan, writing test cases, test reports will help to take all risks into account and warn a client about them to prevent unexpected situations when a project will have been finished.

There should be a possibility to control everything at all stages of work to add changes found during the development.

A team of executives of custom testing should consist of highly-skilled experts in a certain field.

The presence of practical skills and experience in this field means the presence of certificates, documents that prove your testing skills, a project portfolio that a client should ask to verify the qualification of a team to prevent a project from failure.

Everything should be clear for a client at all stages of testing and this will strengthen his/her confidence in a successful project’s delivery.

A client may try to reduce established time and so cut the costs needed to develop a product and these suggestions don’t help make a product qualitative. A project should satisfy all smart client’s requirements.

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