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The expansion of  users and processed information during the application running bring into the question the stability of application working under the load. The performance testing service studies this challenge from the point of view of different aspects, allowing to detect the system bottleneck that can lead to its unstable work and even crash.

The complex of performance testing services allows to predict bug occurrence and to plan the preventive methods of their elimination in advance. Performance testing allows tracing the work of the load system.

Depending on the system characteristics, performance testing is divided into several types:

Load testing

  • Explores the application performance under the regulated load.
  • During the performance of these checks, testers make sure that application possess a planed throughput and is working stable.
  • At this stage we get to know about the system performance due to selected number of users.

Stress testing

  • It is used for identifying the total transfer capacity of the application.
  • During stress testing, the system is exposed to extreme loads and it helps in studying the system behaviour when the specified limits exceed in few times.
  • At thist stage we can identify the real limits of the application performance.

Volume testing

  • Studies the system behaviour during the expansion of processing information.
  • We can find out the consequences if the application will grow in few times.
  • The performance of the execution time measurments of selected actions during a particular load.
  • The measurement of the number of users working simultaneously with an application.

Soak testing

  • Studies a sustained work of the system, during the intermediate level of working.
  • The processing speed of the selected operations is not very important here.
  • The main objects of the given testing type is the memory leak, server rebooting and other aspects which have the influence on the server performance.

At the initial stage, the testing goals should be defined. Only then dedicated testing team picks up types of testing for the further performance.

After the preparation stage is finished, the workload designing is coming. After this, a dedicated tester should select special automation tools for performance testing.

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