Peculiarities of Software Testing in 2021

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For the ones who work in software testing, the year 2021 will be the same as the year 2020 – and testing will also be the same as several years ago.

Various incremental improvements require much time from companies and the amount and influence of these changes greatly differ in different companies and even different departments of the same company.

Numerous experts predict the appearance of several reports and analytical components in 2021, like the annual World Quality Report Capgemini, which is very popular among numerous famous world-class testers.

It’s possible that the usage of AI and machine learning in software testing will be discussed, especially by programmers, developers of such tools and global consulting companies.

The basics of codeless or test automation, in other words, will be one of the main trends of this field and many global companies will continue hiring specialists, paying much more attention to automation than to exploratory testing.

A small but extremely cohesive community of the ones interested in software testing will probably continue publishing their thematic ideas, being the voice of various virtual discussions about peculiarities of software testing.

Everyone interested and engaged in testing should focus on the main things of first-class testing, continue supporting the big importance of testing and try to promote these practices in terms of their work organizations (working in office/company or on freelance platforms).

At the end, we’d like to give a small tip: the year 2021 should become the time when testers should share their testing stories with the general public.

Each story is unique and valuable, therefore, it will be interesting for the public to listen to the ways how and why a certain functionality was found/fixed/retested.

You can do this (share your thoughts) either in a digital form or in a form of analytical stories during various meetups and conferences.

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