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The cost of errors in the final version of mobile application today is extremely high and mobile app testing companies know this very well. Negative ratings and feedback from the first users are able to repel new users, hence not giving the project to become a leader. 

To restore app reputation is a long and labor-intensive process that will take a long time and effort. That is why, mobile app testing as a service is a very important procedure for software companies, business owners who expect to gather a mobile audience.

Mobile app testing is aimed to show app’s behavior when running on different devices (screen resolutions, OS versions and browsers, Internet connection). The problems may occur with limited hardware resources and many other conditions faced by end users of mobile devices and various OS versions.

In order to protect the application from negative reviews and feedback, TestMatick testing team will perform the following web application testing services:

The Updates Testing

The application conformance to the operating system requirements is not a permanent phenomenon. The quality of the updated application – is one of the core aspects that need to be under control for achieving the user’s loyalty and its further development on the market.

Internationalization Testing

Language support – is the easiest and the most serious way for a significant audience increasing. Everyone likes when the app is running on a native language when everything is clear and understandable. It is better to establish this aim at the beginning of any process.

Usability Testing Service

Usability testing is performed to identify what app elements don’t like users. It also allows to detect what operations complicate the further using due to an intuitively not clear interface. Identify a functionality that does not reach the goals or is not enough demanded among users.

Load Testing Services

Load testing as a service studies an app behavior (its system resources and memory) on different loading which allows eliminating vulnerabilities in performance and securing the application from critical errors and failures.

Random Testing

The so-called “monkey” testing is performed in order to make sure that app’s behavior is running adequately under non-standard conditions of use.

Cross-Platform Testing & Multidevice Testing

The application should run successfully on various devices with a different hardware, functionality and screen resolutions, regardless from the version of OS. The given investigation allows to make sure that application work stable under different configurations. TestMatick experts offer an optimum set of devices and OS versions, based on our experience.

TestMatick specialists and testers perform mobile app testing on real devices, using modern techniques and testing new software.


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