How the Global Pandemic Has Changed the IT Sector

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all spheres of human life. Many companies had to reorganize their business system, change the organization of workflow. The remote method of working and education has rapidly become a part of everyday life.

In the IT sphere, this is not a novation, since it is a common practice for many companies – to work remotely. Moreover, it significantly reduces their financial expenses. In such companies, the infrastructure for remote work has already been created and, in fact, quarantine has not affected their workflow.

The demand for the profession of a tester is only growing in the context of the pandemic because new applications and programs obviously need to be thoroughly tested.

The effectiveness of remote work in the IT field has shown itself only to a good advantage.

There are more opportunities in a highly competitive environment to get qualified specialists regardless of their location. Also, employers don’t waste their time to get to the office – it minimizes the chance to have succumbed to the virus in transport. A lack of coffee breaks reduces the likelihood of infection and saves time.

On the other side, it’s worth considering the negative aspect of remote work: children or ineffectively organized working space can distract from the work. Hence, it has direct influences on the quality of the work.

The popularity and demand for online learning contributed to the opportunity to enter the IT-sphere with minimal experience and without higher and narrow-profile education. The growth of the sphere gives an incentive to many companies to employ people without higher education, to promote their further growth through training in specialized courses, participation in training, and internships, thereby increasing their qualifications.

Testing is the first step into the IT sector, which will allow, after gaining the necessary experience and knowledge, to retrain and try yourself in other IT professions from a developer to a project manager.

During the pandemic, the IT sector turned out to be more flexible and quickly adapted to new conditions, trying not to lose the accumulated positions, as well as to avoid financial interruptions and decrease of the client base.

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