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One way to build an effective testing team is to hire qualified and skilled, and talented testers. And although a detailed discussion of polling strategies and technologies is beyond the scope of this article, let us consider brief description of survey technologies targeted at testing specialists who, in the opinion of the authors of this article, provide good results. All of them are simple ideas based on common sense, but if previously they were not used, it is possible that the information obtained through the use of these technologies will cause some surprise.


  • Find out what level of testing experience the candidate has. Did he ever participate in drawing up test plans? If so, what information was included in this plan? Did he have to map test cases to technical requirements? Did he use a formal defect tracking system? A few questions and their subsequent discussion allow us to quickly evaluate the candidate’s ability to perform testing. Technical writing service is useful for those who understand the importance of good requirement specification. These clever people prefer someone to create quality technical content for the documentation instead of running the risk of using bad software requirements which may lead to failure of the whole project.
  • If a candidate applies for the position in a certain subject area, ask him how he used this subject area knowledge while testing the software product. It is easy to learn technical slang and talk about subject areas, but an intelligent explanation of how a candidate developed automation test scripts or configured a local network or used various tools allows you to correctly evaluate his knowledge of specific technologies.
  • Ask questions that can demonstrate whether the candidate has the qualities listed above, which are necessary to successfully cope with his duties. Usually questions like “Are you smart enough to do this kind of work?” Or “Are you patient enough to fulfill the duties you are claiming?”, are unlikely to give the right information. Of course, it is possible to invite the candidate to talk about previous work in other companies; such a story can shed light on some of these qualities. For example, you might ask: “Have you had to change project priorities in those cases when you had to immediately switch from testing product A to testing product B? If so, how did this happen? Did you have any difficulties in learning the technology, related to product B? Based on your experience, what did you do well, what would you like to change? “If an employee with one or more of the above qualities is being sought for an emerging testing group, it is worthwhile to prepare a set of questions in advance to determine the area of ​​interest of the candidate.

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