How Can You Improve a QA Tester’s Work Life?

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It’s not enough to simply engage a first-class tester to work in your team.

You should constantly do everything to make him/her adjust to it and not making him/her want to look at your rivals.

But how can you reach this? How can you be good at encouraging and even indulging your employees?

This article will give useful tricks and methods on how to improve the QA engineers’ loyalty and make their corporate lives pleasant and full.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

You should always pay attention to your employees’ health and do everything to reach this: from creating a special sports room (if there is enough space and a proper layout in your office) to the trivial distribution of essential vitamins.

Giving them free insurance or giving everyone who wants to get to work by a two-wheeled “friend” a possibility to rent bicycles will be considered a big advantage by them.

Also, you can try to spend some money on buying a corporate pass with a discount to visit gyms.

Corporate presents

Everyone loves presents.

You can give presents for some/no reason.

It can be brand products, souvenirs for someone’s birthday, the anniversary of someone’s employment, or other holidays (New Year, 8th of March, Constitution Day, and so on).

Help them develop their professional skills

You can help your employees improve their skills and acquire new skills not only by giving them tips but also by doing something useful for them.

Employees like the QA companies that are ready to spend money on the development of their workers.

Testers can be given a possibility to study foreign languages and also select professional thematic training that can be useful in their further work (studying new programming languages, learning modern techniques and methods of testing, etc.)

A place to rest

All IT workers, not only testers, need some space where they can completely relax and make their minds fresh.

Each big company should contain a small kitchen, a resting place in their office, where employees will habe a possibility to not only drink coffee but also discuss various topics with their colleagues.

It will be great to equip such a lounge room with stylish couches, TV sets, game consoles, closets with board games, and a small library.

First-class equipment

A QA engineer without good hardware is not actually a tester.

To lighten improve the mood and the overall performance of your IT company, you should sometimes indulge them with new software builds or separate components.

You should keep in mind that such investments will eventually pay off and will be good for the entire loyalty of your employees.


Of course, not all companies have a possibility to give their employees the same conditions as IBM or Google, for example. But still, you should always search for your unique approach to your employees to make them feel comfortable, completely do their tasks, feel their usefulness and corporate importance.

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