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When we start to work with a program we expect that it’ll carry out the tasks, which it is intended for. Software functional testing verifies how the final product corresponds to its technical task, checks whether all functions work properly and whether there are no errors in program functioning.

As well as any another type of testing, functional testing is conducted for the product to be easy to use and for the prevention of errors that the program can make. In order to conduct testing, scheme and scenario, where all steps of product verification are described, are prepared by the quality control department (usually it is one of the software developer company offices).

It is conducted according to the PMT in accordance with several scenarios. Every item of the scenario reflects activity of the testing specialist and also the corresponding program response action.

Software testing is as close as possible to the normal program use. For the maximum test reliability, one conducts analysis of the most frequently used functions and the order in which an average program user normally uses them. Artificially created algorithms by the developer can’t fully create the program usage model.

Groups of functional testing

Functional testing can be divided into following groups according to the type of work:

  • Module testing (unit testing) – in the course of this type of testing, functionality of separate program parts is checked.
  • Integration testing – is conducted last and in the course of it, one verifies relations between different program functions with the help of thread of execution and data exchange.

Any software is developed, first of all, for the final users. That’s why all its functions have to be able to work and be easy to use. The most frequently used program components have to be easy to access, for example they are to be on the control bar.

It was repeatedly proven by IT-industry that handy ergonomics projects become very popular among the users. In the software, assigned for a wide range of users, operability becomes the most important feature.

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