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When you want to perform  database testing – you get the opportunity to check whether database performance is good or not and reduce the risks of the defect occurrences when applying the system in the industry. Application testing services allow you to reduce defects of software production and to ensure that your software performs in compliance with behavioral requirement specifications.

This service allows you to verify whether application database performance is in compliance with the functional and nonfunctional requirements. Any applications that are developed with the database, require database testing that includes web applications, business critical applications, high-availability applications, banking applications.

Offshore software QA is the process to assure the quality of software development that is mainly aimed at reducing the financial costs. This can be done by transferring testing processes to some company that specializes in this field.

Key advantages:

  • Testing application logic designed at the database level including stored procedures, tables, views, connection between tables, indexes, scheduled tasks, user access rights.
  • Testing data store for high availability.
  • Identifying application performance problems for large amounts of test data.

More details on software test outsourcing:

Software test outsourcing is a software testing performed by people or an independent software testing company which is not directly engaged in software development process. It allows reducing the high costs aligned with unexpected software defects and not making big investments necessary for in-house rigorous testing. The service is flexible enough to manage testing at different levels.

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