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At present, there are an increasing number of software testing companies that prefer to cooperate with those outsourcing organizations that have a professional dedicated testing team. These specialists provide a qualitative software testing services in order to improve the performance, reliability and quality of IT systems.

Primarily, let us find out the definition of “dedicated team”. What kind of work do these people actually do? You can understand this in such a manner: using own experience and knowledge QA engineers (the whole team) focus on the testing of a long-term project and they tend to successfully solve the problems of the customer.

Today this is a very popular way to manage the project that is spinning up as the involvement of dedicated testing team in the process has proved to be extremely advantageous. Dedicated team model is characterized by the outstanding quality of work to be done by an experienced team of specialists.

Namely, the team has established mechanisms of control and interaction and aim to increase the work productivity to meet and even exceed the customers ‘expectations.

The services of dedicated team are provided in the following cases:

  • QA engineers are unavailable in the company.
  • There is insufficient time or full-time experience in order to carry out testing of the project.

It is up to the customer to decide how many teams of specialists are needed; he/she also schedules their working hours. According to such requirements, the customer gets the team to use its services during specified period.

So, highly experienced specialists are available for the customer to do the work only for him. This kind of work has continuous advantages and you are unlikely to find fault with it because the customer himself controls and manages the work on his project but does interfere with the process. The team is followed by several projects simultaneously, therefore the customer is able to change the order of tasks based on their priority. Due to this reason, the projects are not being developed at the moment and the time assigned for these projects is not running away.

A dedicated team is created to meet your needs and it can understand your business well, better than anyone. Hire a dedicated tester and your project is sure to be a success!

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