What Shouldn’t You Do Working Remotely: An Example of One Day

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After the beginning of global quarantine in many countries, people had to work from home. And, of course, on the Internet, there are a lot of articles on this subject. No doubt, some of those tips are obvious. Nevertheless, some people have faced another situation working from home.

In this article, using an example of one day, we will tell what shouldn’t people do working remotely from home. Please note that there are satirical moments.

So, There Are Our Advice by Contradiction:

  1. Turn off the alarm clock. You don’t have to go to the office, so you have more extra time. Probably you have a flexible working schedule, so what can go wrong?!
  2. Try to wake up, have breakfast, charge your phone, and realize that a working meeting has started 15 min ago. Who was so “smart” to schedule this meeting at 9 am when usually everyone comes after 9:30?
  3. Put on a shirt. Forget about pants (this is an online meeting). If you’re female, just do some quick makeup.
  4. Find your laptop and sit in a room. Someone may sleep in a living room or bedroom so they won’t disturb you.
  5. Try to look confident as if you’re at the meeting from the beginning.
  6. Some of your relatives show up and turns the TV on. Quickly turn the microphone and camera off and go to the more quiet and suitable place.
  7. Return to the call and apologize for problems with the connection. Turn the camera off and on several times to prove this issue. Finish your speech.
  8. Some relative comes and starts telling you something. Nicely ask him/her not to disturb you.
  9. Notice that the microphone was on, and quickly turn it off.
  10. The meeting continues. Realize that the camera is pointing down and you’re in your sleeping pants. Turn it up and hope that nobody noticed it.
  11. The meeting just finally ended. Find the relative who is already angry and upset, try to explain to him/her everything, and figure out what he/she wanted from you.
  12. Come back to your workplace, check the email, and incoming messages.
  13. It’s lunchtime! Now you can relax and eat something.
  14. Return to the work. Notice that everybody started writing to you just at your lunch break.
  15. Respond to your colleagues, even to those who sent you nonworking and jokey materials.
  16. Now you can take a snack.
  17. Come back to work and have a look at work materials.
  18. Have you recently had a snack, and now you want to drink some water? Go to the kitchen.
  19. Get back to work. Close all not work-related tabs and social networks. You have to do something for work.
  20. Realize that the working day is almost over, and you haven’t done anything useful yet. You have to get things right.
  21. You are already tired of sitting on a chair which ergonomics don’t fully meet your expectation. Your back and neck hurt. It’s just time to lie down.
  22. When you get back to work again, your phone is ringing. Answer the call.
  23. The working day ended and it’s time to turn off the laptop. But since you’re at home and haven’t done anything useful, you need to work a bit longer.
  24. It is 10 pm. Realize that you have done nothing significant today. Nevertheless, tomorrow will be definitely different. All you need is to set goals for the day and to read a useful article on how to work from home during a pandemic.

All that was written above isn’t a schedule for an average employee of an IT Company to work from home, but just a reminder that you need to work during the quarantine properly and effectively!

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