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All web developers who actively create various software products permanently need a specialized set of virtual tools which can help to optimize incoming queries permanently delivered to websites and also respond to them in the process of sending the information to a server.

For example, we managed to project or develop a special website which seems to work properly and displays no errors. But it’s not so easy as it seems.

Only with the help of highly specialized tools you can be sure that the site functions properly via HTTP, all queries don’t have errors and the structure of building the logic of data exchange doesn’t have weaknesses. For such purposes, such virtual assistants as Fiddler and Charles are used.

Let’s analyze each tool.

Work with Fiddler

When we start working with it, we thereby develop a web proxy, so every query from your local browser to the necessary site will be sent only through its structure. Inside the application, you can see all HTTP queries, for example, images, the structure of CSS code, JS scripts and other components of the classical web resource. Every query and response has its own personal parameters which can help to judge the acceptability or the problems of functioning of the developed website.

A good example: you can thoroughly analyze such situations as web portal’s responding of small resources – small images or icons. It’s logical that they can be easily united in just one sprite in order to perform just one query and this will hugely decrease the level and time of loading the media resources.

You can also be alerted by certain formats and sizes of web resources. Very big images must be optimized, for example, by converting them into another format. You can convert text into Gzip format.

By the way, Fiddler exactly shows whether a compression for incoming traffic is switched on. This parameter can be easily tracked by a special title – Content-Encoding: gzip.

Every necessary query can be analyzed in a form of a special timeline which clearly shows how much time is needed to completely load the whole page and also the time needed to properly display every its structural element.

A Timeline

A Timeline

The application has sufficient convenient and useful functions which can help, for example, to configure the parameters of the slow connection. This will help the testers to see the whole process of loading every separate element of the site in case if the clients have very slow Internet.

It’s a very useful thing, which allows us to see what elements are loaded first of all and what at the end. It means that you can optimize the order of loading all web elements.

We can also mention that it has an editor for HTTP queries. The user will have a real possibility to substitute any chosen HTTP title with the help of a special script editor.

You need to have basic knowledge of web development and you won’t have any problems with configuring this mode.

There are some developers who prefer to use Firebug instead of Fiddler but from the point of parameters optimization, Fiddler seems to be the most multi-functional and optimized application.

Also, we can admit that it’s absolutely free, permanently develops, so there is a real possibility to operate only fresh and working versions.

Work with Charles

Charles Web Debugging Proxy is quite popular in the West virtual proxy server which functions on a local computer or laptop and is one of useful application in HTTP Monitor tab. This utility is popular because of its good functionality, quick work and also quite pleasant and clear design.

Charles Utility

Charles Utility

Numerous employees of different IT companies and corporations use this program to quickly understand what information was received and what was sent. Sometimes it’s very necessary.

With the help of Charles, you can quickly track all failures, fix the errors and also have the basis for future to not spend precious time searching for failures and omissions.

The Main Purpose of Charles Application

This utility has numerous useful functions and parameters but the main capability is the function of displaying the data which can be analyzed in the process of sending and receiving the data in the process of interaction between client and server. The main advantage of Charles is that all information which is recorded is structured in a readable format.

Also, we’d like to mention the parameters of program code debugging. Moreover, Charles can exactly boast quite fast and optimized work of debugging program code which makes it the most popular application for developers.

The Parameters of Program Code Debugging

The Parameters of Program Code Debugging

We can also mention those additional criteria which allowed Charles to become the most popular for users, such as:

  • Immediate processing of the received information;
  • The convenient type of access to the received information;
  • Intuitively clear design;
  • Quick debugging of all failures.

Technological Capabilities

  • Quick proxifying of SSL queries and also their comfortable overview and responses in a text format;
  • Verification of HTML and CSS structures on the basis of the W3C validator;
  • Analysis of the capacity of the information channel. The utility allows us to create a virtual simulation of web connection with the help of an ordinary modem in order to look at the functioning of the used server;
  • Work with XML JSON queries. Parameters of Ajax tab;
  • Work with Flash Remoting.

To conclude, we’d like to admit that Charles utility is popular not only for its multi-functionality but also quick operation and also well-developed debugging and numerous other pleasant features and details.

If you offer quality assurance services, then you can’t do without a set of multi-functional and modern applications and utilities for interacting with separate structural elements of the web product.

In a sense of qualitative debugging, Charles and fiddler can exactly be the most popular and qualitative utilities which allow us to perform numerous useful manipulations on configuring the proper work of software of any formation and specialization.

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