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When to outsource software testing, there are always questions concerning its feasibility, benefits, and nuances of how to pick up QA company, how to cooperate with testing team, etc. That’s why our QA consultants decided to share their experience in outsource testing and on what features you should pay attention when dealing with QA company.

Client’s Usual Concerns When Ordering QA Outsourcing

When a client is looking for outsourced testing, he is concerned with such issues as the cost, quality, and speed. Sometimes speed and quality are not as important for the client, as the money matter. It’s important to note that client wants his product to be successful and benefit from the money wasted on testing is not always straightforward and obvious.

Why Do We Software Testing & What are the Benefits of Outsourced Testing?

The main objective of software testing services lies in the fact that software product should meet users’ expectations and needs, the product should be qualitative and user-friendly. What about the benefits, when outsourcing client saves money, he is working with professional testing teams.

It is more profitable to pay once to professionals rather than create a team, recruit new specialists (sometimes not experienced), educate, instil processes. Detachment from the development team plays a crucial role in testing: cool, balanced and objective approach to any task in the software — it is the best solution.

Usual Problems That Occur When Testing the Product

The most common problem – is a lack of time, especially when you supposed to have the product be ready yesterday and today you have a release. In such a case, you have come up with how to please everyone and perform qualitative work, increase the number of QA on the project, overtime or split release in several stages.

The Way Testing Team & Customer Development Team Cooperates

QA lead, from the hired third-party company, is embedded in the team of the customer, he is part of a team and contacts directly with the developers and managers of the client.

How to Determine the Number of QA Specialists & Testers for Small and Big Projects

First, you need to determine the time required to test the project, and further, based on the timing, you can find out how many people will be engaged in the optimal project. This is as regards the one-off test.

If we introduce QA in the team, then there is usually a single QA on 2-4 people. Again, if you want to conduct a stress test or automate test cases, you can soon talk about one QA on two developers.


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