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The major test process includes various consequent activities. They are the following:

Test Analysis & Design

It is an activity through which a testing specialist decides if additional test cases are necessary or not.  At that it aims to perform such tasks:

  • Development and prioritization of high-level test cases.
  • Identification of the required data for maintaining test conditions as well as test cases.
  • Design and installation of the test environment and selection of necessary test infrastructure and tooling.
  • Creation of bidirectional traceability between test case and test basis.

Every reputed software testing service company tends to adhere to the sequence of the activities so that to obtain the more accurate test results and prevent rework.  

Test Implementation & Execution

The implementation and execution of test –  a practice in which testing procedures or test automation scripts are determined by the sequence of test cases and also any information necessary for the test execution is collected, the environment is set up and the test run is initiated. This activity has its own important tasks:

  • Accomplishment, implementation, and prioritization of test cases (and also designing test data).
  • Development and prioritization of test procedures, the creation of test data, and if required, preparation of test frameworks and writing of automated test scripts.
  • Creation of test suites based on test procedures for effective execution of the tests.
  • Checking of the correctness of test environment configuration.  
  • Checking and updating of bidirectional traceability between test basis and test case.
  • Execution of test procedures manually or with the help of automated testing tools, according to the predetermined plan.

There are a lot of excellent testing services companies which provide quality assurance for software apps during the entire their lifecycle. Starting testing manufactured IT products as early as possible you avoid tedious and lengthy debugging in the later stages of the development process.

Assessment of Exit Criteria & Reports

This is an activity where the test execution is appraised against the specified goals. This activity should be carried out for each test level. And, the main tasks are:

  • Comparing of  test protocol with exit criteria specified in the test plan.
  • Deciding if extra test cases are required or not and exit criteria should be changed or not.
  • Creation of a final test report to submit it to the interested parties.

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