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It’s hard to overestimate the importance of testing in the world of app testing services. Few negative comments and feedback on Google Play or App Store can result in a complete collapse of the application popularity. It a great responsibility of testers and developers and, in this case, they should possess particular skills and quality.

skills and qualities of app tester

Nowadays, only big firms, brands and agencies can afford to hire specialists from mobile app testing companies. If developers and app creators deal with testing by their own, for work organization they will need the following:

  • User Story. More correctly, user scenario that is the part of User Story.
  • Test Scenario. It includes initial requirements, entry-actions, user actions, expected result.
  • Set of Test Scenarios.
  • Criteria of Test Performance.

Testing process starts before the development stage when developers receive navigation framework and design screen layout. Having these items is more than enough for starting the process of development.

The number of problems always follow the given process:

  • navigation framework has the missing elements;
  • non-obviousness of the provided information.

After discussion of all the obscure and controversial moments – the development process starts.

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