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For a better understanding whether you are suitable for software testing job or not, it is necessary to evaluate one’s talents and abilities fairly.

Do you like learning? Are you inquisitive? Can you do the work? Are you quick to grasp? If every your answer is yes then you are more likely to be a valuable employee and make a real career in the field of software testing.

Now it is time to know the specific skills the employers look for in quality assurance testing services providers. But, be advised, that this skill-set is designed for those people who have nothing to do with technical issues since that are humanities graduates.

Dedicated Software Tester Needs:

Fluent in foreign languages

If you cannot speak English you will not be successful in software testing career. Knowledge of other languages is a PLUS but English is a must have!

Advanced Computer User &  Lifelong Learner

You should have a strong desire to make the most of learning at work. It will do your nothing but good if you dedicate much time to studying software-testing related issues using books or other tutorials for that purpose. Never give up learning as it is the way to be successful in both career and life. As a rule, demanding employer wants to hire software tester who has as many relevant skills as possible. But if you can boast of the abilities mentioned above and below you will definitely get the job.

Good Programmer

Naturally, IT specialists feel more confident at work if they have coding skills. So does a software tester. It is even more important for the latter to be able to program. But can a tester do without essential programming skills while conducting the verification process? Yes, he can, but the results will not be outstanding. There are many programming languages such as C/C++/C#, Java, PHP, Ja­vaScript, Python, Ruby and a tester should choose the one that is used in the project. If the project has not been started yet, JavaScript is the right choice.

Specialist Must Understand:

Databases &  SQL Language

In this case, a tester must not be a database or SQL expert but he should have though minimum DBMS skills and be able to make common requests. Network operation mode and mode of operation of operating systems – even little knowledge in this sphere is enough if it allows the worker to identify problems and fix them independently if possible.

Operation Mode of Web and Mobile Applications

Nowadays, all software production mostly consists of web and mobile apps and it is critically important to be knowledgeable in the corresponding technologies in order to run effective tests.

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