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Software Testing is a process of checking a functionality of a program or an application with aim to determine if it meets the required results.

It is done to compare actual and expected behavior of the product by using final test suite which is selected in a specific manner. Software testing process in the wider sense can be defined as one of the quality assurance techniques which encompass the following activities:

  1. Test Management.
  2. Test Design.
  3. Test Execution.
  4. Test Analysis.

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Main Concepts

Verification is an act of reviewing, examining or testing a system or its component in order to make sure that the specifications are being met. The manufactured products must comply with the requirements specified in the very beginning of the development process. In other words, verification aims to understand whether desired goals, project development workflow tasks, deadlines are successfully fulfilled or not.

Validation is an act of determining whether software performs the functions for which it is targeted and meets its requirements, the organization’s objectives and user goals.

It is not easy to hire software tester with a full set of required skills but each job-seeker must necessarily know the glossary by heart. As a matter of fact, QA interview questions often include such questions: Can you tell me what are the common testing terms and can you explain what do they mean?

Test Plan is a document describing the scope of testing activities, starting with detailing the objectives, strategy, work schedule, criteria required to start and end the testing, up to the testing tools, technological knowledge on the process and risk assessment with options to handle the risks.

Test Design is a process carried out to create and write test suites to be used to test a software program.

Test Case is an artifact which describes a set of conditions under which a tester checks whether an app’s functionality or its piece is working as intended.

Bug Report is a document containing detailed information on certain event or sequence of events that cause the products under test to behave improperly; also the measures to solve these problems.

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