Stages of a Bug Bash During Software Development

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In software development, there is such a thing as a bug bash – an event when testing is performed by a QA team, developers, designers, project managers, and other specialists who are working on a product.

When a product is used by different users in all ways, this helps to receive responses to the actions of a user.

This method helps to find additional errors if any.

Stages of this event

Preparation should include preparing technical capabilities and documentation for further work.

The creation of test records for a team helps to properly use the time while testing, not being distracted by unnecessary processes during your work.

Report documenting should include giving clear instructions on how to perform testing and describe bugs in a way that is easy for all team members and also structure them in mutual documentation, for example, a summary table, etc.

Preparation of test scripts and checklists is important either while offering various QA services or planning testing methods.

Testing should be performed in a way that allows a team to be aware of recent changes, added functionality, and library update, thus focusing it on a primary stage of work.

Also, a team should use checklists and test scripts, offered before.

At this stage, it’s recommended to execute cross-browser testing, security testing, etc. if needed.

Conducting a Bug Bash in Software Development

Conducting a Bug Bash in Software Development

Bug bash can be done in a form of competition on bug searching, by mentioning their complexity level, and a winner who finds many bugs should receive a prize or a reward.

And finally, thank the team for good work and desire to win. And also, sum up the work and reward a winner.

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