Quality Documentation As A Merit On QA Testing Company’s Part

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Documentation is an essential part of any product manufactured by an esteemed software development company. But, unfortunately, not all organizations contribute a sufficient amount of time to document development process. Sooner or later, we all have to deal with high quality software and incomprehensible & incomplete accompanying documentation.

QA testing company is able to solve problem of the kind – it verifies the quality of documents such as user guide and installation manual to make sure that they conform to technical documentation requirements and normative base.  

Let’s try to specify the testing criteria for app developers, which influence the creation of high-quality documentation.

In general, the documentation is created so that to help a person who has even little knowledge of software engineering principles to find a competent solution to any problem associated with the development process. Thus this should be a fundamental rule to follow while thinking through the content and structure of the manuals.

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So, Let Us Begin:

The completeness and accuracy of requirements documents. Any documentation shall precisely describe the functionality that is implemented in the application. And this description should cover absolutely all the functions, but not only the major functionality.

Navigation. And not just navigation, but easy and fast navigation. The user should have no difficulty finding necessary information.  All file trees, bookmarks and other relevant elements should be within the appropriate scope as soon as the user opens the document. Alphabetic index, search, etc. – everything that can help to describe and resolve the problem encountered.

Documentation structure. All documents must be properly organized and contain required sections. The text, as a whole, should also have clear structure, to be easily readable, so that one can quickly find necessary information or understand in which paragraph it is contained.

Instructions must be always available to the user. Even when performing exactly the same operations in the program you need step-by-step description of all the actions to be taken during work on the software.This may include repetition of the same instructions and also reference to location of existing manuals.

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