Quality Control Consultants Identified QC Difficulties

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It is not possible to maintain code that is bug-free as there is always somebody looking to break it.  Besides, an only code is not enough to handle every scenario. Quality control consultants offer a rigorous approach for quality control by providing appropriate solutions for detecting and fixing bugs and preventing them from occurrence. There are just a few reasons why quality control is so difficult to ensure.

#1 Software Complexity

For every developer working on software that has been continually built, modernized and maintained during 2 years and even more, it is easy to realize how terrible application can be, especially if it has been dealt with by many people. Due to its unlimited features, requirements, settings that are to be taken into account. No one is able to foresee what can happen while app is under test and debug.

#2 Operating Systems

There is the rise of some operating systems. A multitude of Windows and Mac versions are frequently used, needless to say about thousands or maybe more of Linux distributions.  Here you can add Android and iOS. Each of them has a new set of challenges to overcome so that you application can perform properly.  

#3 Languages & Platforms

Typically, platform or language is built to be compatible for any possible app. But there is no guarantee that all issues will be left without consideration, as some always need to be occupied with. Among them are incomplete features, incompatibilities, poor documentation, etc.

#4 Developers

Developers are busy people and do not like any interference. They mostly prefer performing tests on their own or even collaborate with a dedicated testing team, or they may not simply be ready to admit their mistake in the code.

#5 Quality Control Team

Supposing you had a big company so you could afford to hire dedicated testers, who would work on a team. These people need to understand the code under development, the goal of an app, how to analyze bugs and they must show due diligence during testing.

#6 Requirements & User Stories

Do project managers, developers and members of QC team understand what product is being built? Do they aware of the needs and expectations of the users?  When you understand your user, namely needs and behavior, it will be easier for you to understand what software needs to be created in order to work for them.


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