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Testing is a quiet various field of activities, which has a lot of peculiarities and nuances. We will analyze one of the main concept – defect.

Concept of bug / error and its peculiarities

Defect (bug) – is the mismatch of the factual result of the executed program with the expected result. Defects are detected on the stage of software test services when tester compares the received results (of the program performance, components or design) with the expected results described in the requirements specifications.

Error – is the user mistake, which means that he is trying to use the program in some other way. For example, enters the letters in the fields where one should enter the numbers (age, a number of goods, etc.). Those programs, which were tested by top testing companies, are ready to face such situations via the error message.

Bug (defect) – is the mistake of the programmer (or designer, or SQA services managers or someone who participates in the development process) that is when a program performs in an unplanned way. For example, when there is no control over what the user enters, which later can cause crashes and other problems.

Failure – glitch (which doesn’t mean only hardware one) in the component performance, but in the entire program or a system. There is so-called “defect caused the failure”, but there also that one, which doesn’t, like UI defects. But the hardware glitch is not connected with the software and is a failure.

QA consulting specialists also share the information about bug report, without which software testers perform testing services successfully.

Bug Report – is the document that describes the situation or sequence of actions that led to the incorrect performance of tested object with all indicated reasons and expected results.

You should identify the bug severity, priority and status in bug report. Bug severity is the five severity grading system, which consists of the following items:

  • S1 – Blocker
  • S2 – Critical
  • S3 – Major
  • S4 – Minor
  • S5 – Trivial

Bug Priority:

  • P1 – High
  • P2 – Medium
  • P3 – Low

The status of bug depends on the bug workflow and life cycle.

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