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General Concepts

So, ISTQB is a non-profit organization that is actively involved in the development of the software testing industry. ISTQB certification is a special program with which you can get a special international certificate of conformity.

At the moment, the company has held more than 835000 exams, which resulted in the issuance of about 605000 certificates of conformity.

Further, we’ll try to make it clear – is this certification actually needed? Are there any benefits of having this certificate? What are potential opportunities for those who want to become software testers after passing such an exam?



Levels of ISTQB Certification

First of all, we need to see what types of certification on software testing are. So, ISTQB has three levels of certification and three directions for them based on a special matrix?

  1. Core Foundation Level is the base for any certificate of a higher position.
  2. Specialist Foundation Level includes single-subject certification (for example, usability, performance, acceptance, and model-based testing).
  3. Agile Foundation/Advanced level.
  4. Advanced level is a special certification for test managers, test automation engineers, test analytics, and security testing engineer.
  5. Expert level is a special certification in the sphere of test management and processes for improving general testing processes.

Basic Benefits of Having Certification

If we take a look at ISTQB from the perspective of a QA specialist, then this certification is:

  • A good way to confirm qualifications and current professional suitability by a group of international experts in the field of testing, and this, in turn, allows you to get access to new labor markets.
  • Significantly increase competitiveness in the labor market: at least more than half of the employers do not require ISTQB when hiring, but some firms would like to have a person in the position of QA with a corresponding confirmed certificate.
  • Confidence about the future. Of course, the certificate cannot guarantee a big salary or career progression. But this is a kind of benefit, below which your experience and work won’t be appreciated.

On the other side, from the perspective of anaverage company, this certificate is:

  • Competitive advantage in the labor market: firms employing certified experts provide exceptionally high-quality consulting QA services, which has a positive impact on the company’s reputation.
  • A good bonus when participating in global tenders: the availability of certified employees gives an undeniable advantage to firms when participating in a competitive selection concerning current tenders.
  • The gradual growth of competence within the company through the processes of mentoring and training of non-certified employees based on a recognized international standard in the field of software testing.


Certification is a very good help as an undeniable bonus when looking for a job in the field of testing web products. Obtaining ISTQB certification should be oriented towards the following realities:

  • The selection of employees for the position of software tester must be guided not only by the availability of a certificate but also by practical experience. Although in the presence of similar professional skills, preference will be given to a certified applicant.
  • Certification helps develop career progress and is a catalyst for raising wages in some firms.
  • The certificate will help build confidence in your professional skills.

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