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It’s a well-known fact that IT testing services specialists are people with a very good sense of humor. In the given article, we will study what do SQA consulting specialists really think about Junior, Middle and Senior Developer positions. The given information is based on their deep expertise and experience in working with developers.

Junior Developer

  • Always requires not only self-education but also control.
  • Is always optimistic and often underestimates the complexities of assigned tasks.
  • Complains only about the lack of time and is scared to complain about some other staff.
  • Is scared to ask important questions because does not want to show incompetence.
  • Always makes mistakes and because of this overstates the timing to remake tasks.
  • Is in a permanent “war” with testers and SEO specialists. With testers because they find bugs, and with SEO as the forces engaged, according to any developer benign nonsense, which nevertheless treats bosses.
  • Junior developer doesn’t take PM seriously until understands the values and importance of their job.
  • Takes every routine work as a complicated one, although is able to write thousands of lines of the “same” code.

Middle Developer

  • Pessimist, who underestimates himself, and is living in fear of future failures.
  • Always finds some interesting news, time to smoke, to drink coffee and discuss something or gather some gossips.
  • Do not hesitate and can even operate the colleagues of defrauding all possible knowledge, skills.
  • Makes a mistake – stays silent-fix the problem – doesn’t tell to anyone.
  • Shared the Junior Developer’s point of view about testers and SEO testers.
  • Understands the role of PM, but still doesn’t like him.
  • Knows how much he is worth, and in some cases shows that he knows it.
  • Tries to work on whatever interesting.
  • Often manages to lead the 2-3 project in parallel, what surprises Junior Developer.

Senior Developer

  • Realist.
  • Manages to perform all duties: meetings, work tasks and helps the colleagues.
  • Can easily, not hesitating to say that he does not know something. Helps somebody to understand something another person doesn’t know.
  • Loves his work and celebrates the success of the projects as a child, even when they are not too affect well-being.
  • Tester is his advisor.
  • PM is a shield in front of the customer.
  • Do not hesitate to demand a higher salary, also doesn’t like to employ outsiders or newcomers, even if they know and can a lot and well.
  • Grumbles, but does his job good and successfully.

That’s all what do we know about the profession of the developer; about all the peculiarities of this job, career growth, education and training, self-education, men and women preferences who have chosen the path of the developer. We hope that this subjective and impartial material was useful for you and brought you some minutes of delight reading.

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