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Team communication plays a significant role in the working process. Its effectiveness shows as well-coordinated teamwork, reasonable assigning responsibilities, mutual understanding, and support.

Also, communication among employees is one of the co-factors when it needs to solve difficult issues and find the right way out. When there’s good team communication, it makes proper team spirit, and every member enjoys the working process.

That’s why it is so important to follow business communication rules which influence qualitative team communication.

Further, we will talk about 15 main rules that can help you to set a good communication with your co-workers.

QA chat

QA chat

• Establish the Main Communication Rules in a Team

Every team needs to have some rules concerning communication and daily routine. For example, it will be a sign of good manners to let your colleagues know if you’re late, step away from your workplace, or call in sick. If you miss the deadline or you have some issues with a task, feel free to ask for help.

• Try to Respond to an Appeal Right Away

If you want to have effective team communications in software testing companies, you should quickly answer your colleagues’ questions personally or in the chats. First of all, it’s a sight of respect. Besides, it helps solve different issues quickly. And finally, it minimizes the number of business mistakes.

• Make an Atmosphere of Trust Among Staff Members

If it is a good team, then its members shouldn’t be afraid to share business concerns or discuss personal matters. In the atmosphere of trust, employees will ask for help or advice, and for sure they will get some help.

• Be Thankful

Showing some gratitude or compliment on the fine job is a way that allows showing that colleagues’ efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, they are appreciated. Everyone should see that his/her work is noticed and encouraged.

This makes an employee feel positive emotions which in turn leads to an effective and productive job.

• Find Some Time for Informal Communication

It is significantly important for staff members to have not only business communications but also informal ones. It allows people to team up, find some common interests, entertainments, talking points that can be out of work.

• Talk About the Subjects That You’re Familiar With

If somebody asks you for advice or recommendation, then your comments count! Obviously, your answer should be competent and straight. Don’t speak about something unknown to you.

• Improve Yourself

We aren’t perfect in every day and working life. That’s why it is quite important to be open to criticism and remember that people study throughout their life.

• You Should Be Considerate

Take an interest in your co-workers, their mood, and their health. Help them, if necessary.

• Communicate Kindly in the Business Chats

Usually, people solve different important issues and details in the chats, so you have to be polite and write to the point.

• Share Duties

Every staff member should be responsible for a particular group of tasks or duties. It will allow understanding where to come and relating to what issue.

• Set Goals for Every Task

If you want to come to one result, everyone must understand the importance of their actions.

• Set a Deadline for Every Task

It is much easier to work if there is a strict deadline. Especially, it is very important when the completion of the task by one worker influences the beginning of another person’s work.

• Discuss Contentious Issues and Find the One Right Solution

It’s a normal occurrence if everybody has own opinion on some issues. All views should be respected. Remember that a lot of opinions help to analyze situations comprehensively. The main point is, don’t be afraid to express your opinion about some situation because everyone’s view should matter and be counted.

• Don’t Forget That Formula for Team Spirit Is No Such Word as “I”

The whole team is responsible for any task. That’s why only cooperation and team-work can give proper results.

• Share the Information About New Changes in the Work

It is a common situation that all the processes are interdependent in teamwork. Notice that it is significantly important to exchange information about some changes in your department. It allows avoiding mistakes, missing deadlines, and embarrassing the person (if somebody asks you about new rules, but you know nothing about it).

In Conclusion

Everyone wants to be a part of a strong team where one can find a helper, adviser, and even a friend. It is so important to get some help (if we need it) and afford assistance.

Effective communication plays a key role in all these cases. If you make use of these recommendations, you will succeed in the work and make a good relationship with your colleagues.

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