Providing Useful Information in E-Commerce Application

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According to results of ecommerce testing, many web shops don’t give their clients sufficient information that allows them to choose and acquire the desired products fast and effortlessly.

Performing usability testing, functional testing, user interface testing etc. of a web shop, quality assurance team verifies whether the useful information about the goods and order details are duly represented.

An E-Commerce Application Should Provide Clear Information About:

  • Availability of the goods. It must be indicated in the flypages or right after adding the product to cart. Some online shops inform the clients that the product is currently unavailable when they are finishing raising the order. As a result, the customer is unsatisfied.
  • Pick-up points. It is a good practice to represent the list of pick-up points in a table, indicating the addresses, and show them on the map. Such representation allows people to quickly find the most suitable ones.
  • The order content, prices, chosen delivery methods and other order details. This information should be at the order confirmation page. A lot of web shops show only sum of the order at the confirmation page, and the clients cannot make sure that they ordered the desired goods.
  • The delivery method and time, address and business hours of the pick-up point, what to do in order to get the purchased goods, the order details. These details have to be in the order conformation e-mail. Such an e-mail helps the client to find the pick-up point, allows looking through the order, etc.

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