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Software testing is a demandable profession worldwide and its popularity grows day by day. The number of people who want to be IT specialists is increasing due to intensive development of the area and high salary of the testers.

How to Start?

Good software testing books will be helpful for you to get the necessary knowledge in a wonderful way. There are a huge number of books on testing but we must know which ones to choose. You may consider the following edition: “Testing DOT COM” by Roman Savin.

The book contains some really good examples and is written in a simple and understandable language. After reading this manual you will not become a skilled tester but you will know for sure whether you want to enter the profession or not.

Learn English!

A tester must speak English fluently.  Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to get a job in software testing services company. Technical documents are often written in English. Most of testing books and interfaces of testing programs are in English too.

Majority of testing companies use English language for communication.

So, are you able to read technical literature without looking into the dictionary? Is not it a problem for you to create a big report in English? What about exchanging emails with a colleague from abroad? Can you speak on the phone with a customer?

You must always bear in mind that your writing and reading skills are critically important for an employer.

Get the Certificate on ISTQB Foundation Level

ISTQB is a famous and an esteemed International organization that certifies QA experts. There is no need in work experience or completion of training courses for passing Foundation Level exam. All you need to do is to learn by yourself.

This will be a good opportunity for you to find a job in an independent software testing company despite the lack of practical experience.

Look for a QA Community in Your Town /City

Today, more and more QA communities tend to appear in many cities. Find out if there is a one in your town /city. Attending community meetings you will be able to listen to special lectures from people working in this field.

Sign Up for Beta Testing

Majority of IT companies perform beta testing for their production.  Everyone can take part in beta testing. This testing is done for end-use products, so you need not expect for anything extraordinary to happen.

However, participation in this kind of testing is not at all the same as the work of a tester. You need to be an experienced tester in order to apply for a position in testing companies.

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