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Every browser has to meet certain requirements in order to be interesting and useful.

The very first such criterion is “authorship”, it means that the browser shouldn’t be a classic mix of the “Big Five” products after a few minor changes. Otherwise, why should such a software component be released at all?

This implies, such product as Rambler-Browser can be eliminated right away, as well as a couple of browsers from the Chromium family, which actually are banal copies of the well-known Google Chrome product.

But at the same time, the following alternative browsers correspond to the criterion of “authorship”:

The second criterion is the ease of use. Naturally, users are different and can be very capricious sometimes. But among the minimum group of requirements, we can highlight the following criteria:

  • A small “weight”;
  • They don’t overload the operating system of PC;
  • The convenience of the graphical interface: visualization of control buttons, ease of setting up, work with bookmarks, an intuitive menu for any ordinary Internet user.

And even with this minimum set of basic criteria, there are some browsers that cannot correspond to all of the requirements. First of all, it concerns the Yandex product. There are obvious reasons for this: a very confusing graphical user interface, the program weighs a lot, and, of course, it really overloads the work of the computer operating system.

Then we can eliminate YRC Weblink. Its interface is simpler and more intelligible but an ordinary user can see into some settings for a long time. Moreover, it weighs significantly less.

But! If you delete this browser from your PC, it can harm the operating system (delete some system typefaces, rename some folders).

The rest of the browsers from the list meet all requirements.

Next criterion is peculiarity. In other words, it’s the feature, singularity that the user can have after working with this product only. Further, we’ll analyze the features of the rest of the browsers from the list:

MaxthonThe first Internet-browser in the world, built on the basis of cloud technologies
LunaScapeThe original “browser-construction set”: users can edit all system settings. Also, there are three engines with switching functions
Epic product with original functionality, built on the base of oriental fairytale
Epic Privacy BrowserPrivacy Browser In fact, the most confidential browser of the list.

Further, we will stop on system features exactly.

Maxthon. What Is “Cloud Technology”?

Maxthon Internet browser is one of the oldest system browsers in China, which has been in a good competition with the products of the Big Five for more than 10-12 years. Today, the product has received a fresh impetus through the use of a revolutionary engine. Nowadays, the browser is used by more than 50 million people worldwide.

LunaScape. What Is Internet-Browser Construction Set?

In this case, you can refer to the technical characteristics of this product:

“It is the original Internet browser from Japanese developers. Like many other products from that country, this product has a number of remarkable features. First of all, we can single out not only the use of the Trident engine which is supplied with the original product assembly but also Gecko and WebKit.

That means, the customers can use all available functions of all currently popular browsers, which are in the technology of one tool.

There is a special function that let you fix any engine for working with particular sites, so if there are certain problems with the displaying of pages in the browser, the system will be able to switch to more acceptable rendering mechanism. You can also note the possibility of installing in the browser a lot of extensions and utilities, changing the external interface, as well as many other things from the technical side”.

Epic What Is “Oriental Fairytale”?

So, this browser has:

  • Built-in antivirus software with the option of automatic web page scanning. This is a very useful thing because each user is concerned more or less about the technical security of his/her PC.
  • Built-in text editor, which includes a large list of Word key functions: font size, paragraphs and formatting options, the ability to add tables, writing special icons, hyperlinks, as well as original objects in the form of sequential and logical diagrams. This text editor calculates the amount of entered words, characters and how many symbols will be in HTML format.
  • Built-in timer. Actually, this is a useful thing too, that allows measuring any time periods when you surf the Internet.
  • A set of themes for external design. According to preliminary calculations, there are 1500 themes in the browser. It’s neither more nor less. Everyone has the option to choose.

And now we can make a comparative description of the advantages and disadvantages of those products that were described above.

Pros and Cons of the Browsers

MaxthonLunaScapeEpic Privacy
AdvantagesThis browser is really easy to use. It has great functionality because of many built-in apps and utilities.With the help of this product, you can easily see how any site is displayed under any engine. A convenient browser that can be fully customized for your technical needs. Original exterior design.It has excellent functionality due to a large number of applications and auxiliary utilities. Intuitive graphical user interface.The highest level of protection from the loss of personal information data. Good navigation, which is very similar to the functionality of the Google Chrome browser by its logic.
DisadvantagesIt may open some sites with false defects.It doesn’t open some sites at all, including mail agents. It’s very hard to change standard settings.It has no Portable version. Also, it doesn’t work with some sites, for example, Yandex Disk (the problem is solved if you go to public links)Considering the fact that the browser has high security, there is no possibility to add third-party applications and utilities to its functionality. Plus, the history of surfing the Internet is not saved, which means that every important hyperlink and content have to be saved in another place.

Summing up the Table

From the table presented above, we can make one, but a very practical conclusion. If you are a classic user who doesn’t want to accept the disadvantages of any browser but wants to take full advantages of it, you can do very wisely. All of these browsers can be used by turns, and you’ll get the maximum benefit from each of them.

For example, if you are very concerned about the confidentiality of your information on the Internet, and don’t want to be watched on the network, then you have to use the Epic Privacy Browser product. On the other hand, if you want to get maximum comfort, it will be better to use Epic

The reverse conclusion is also correct. If you constantly use Epic, but you cannot open a particular site, then use the features of the Epic Privacy Browser for once.

In other words, some disadvantages of one browser can be easily compensated by the advantages of another one. That is why there is a reason to use several products simultaneously. In practice, it is the parallel use of the Epic Privacy Browser and Epic products allows you achieving maximum comfort and a sense of “security” every time you visit the global network.


In the end, we’ll take a look at some modern alternative browsers in detail, which sometimes can also help out.

Rambler Browser. An original variation on Google Chrome. It’s a good solution for all those who prefer to read and study the latest news feeds all the time. All the functional sections of this browser facilitate this activity – from the menu of the main page to numerous bookmarks.

360 Secure Browser. If you have a strong desire to stimulate the studying of foreign languages, then you just need to install this browser on your PC. The whole menu and other features of this product are in a foreign language. The most remarkable thing is that this language is Chinese!

In conclusion, we can note the fact that so many alternative browsers in the global network allow each of us “building” our relationship with the capabilities of the Internet as we want. And this is good news, anyway!

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