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Beta testing team always nurtures and updates. Members leave the team for different reasons, and new team members are recruited. Beta testing companies look for those beta testers, who will be active and responsible. If the tester didn’t show any results for three weeks – he wouldn’t be included as the member in other projects.

What Should Beta Tester Do:

  • Send bugs as often as possible.
  • Detect severe bugs.
  • Look at the product under test from the user point of view.

When a person agrees to become a beta tester, he or she assumes certain obligations. Some of these obligations are stipulated in the agreement, which both parties sign. Without agreement, beta testing company won’t allow a person perform beta testing services. One of the main requirements-non-disclosure of information about the product and its new features, which can be used by competitors.

What is Expected From Beta Tester?

The main thing that is anticipated that beta tester will use the product as intended and report about the problems. Beta testers need to use test plans and test cases, as well as other product features.

Who are Beta Testers? From Where They Come?

At first, they are real users of the software. Secondly, they are enthusiastic people. Enthusiasm has two natures. The first nature – is a motivated person, who lacks features in the product. He writes and calls the company and demand their implementation, or is interested when implementation will happen. This person is motivated to use the product in its final version. The second nature is evident, I hope.

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