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A roadmap stands for a specific plan of a certain project that clearly defines the main targets and tasks that should be executed in the future.

A roadmap is commonly delivered with the help of a well-known Excel since it’s a universal table solution for many product companies.

But this popular Microsoft product is not unique in its nature, there are numerous examples of thematic software that can handle systematic roadmapping in the same good way.

So let’s talk about 5 best roadmapping tools.

GanttPRO Logo

GanttPRO Logo



This popular online platform helps to manage any project, divide it into small subtasks, create thematic groups, and manually set the priorities.

This software also allows analyzing the current workload of every project team member (developers, testers, and other specialists), distribute the tasks, and constantly increase the project team’s productivity.

The “critical path ” parameter helps to give the answer to the following question: “What tasks directly influence the project X’s length and its prompt delivery?” and this gives us the po0ssibility to not postpone the development of new functionality at all.

Pricing: there is an individual plan for $15, a team plan — for $8.90 (5 and more team members) and a corporate plan.

A trial period allows free usage of the product for 15 days.

ProductPlan Logo

ProductPlan Logo



The software provides the possibility to completely visualize the project’s task implementation status, develop separate versions of a roadmap for special audiences and also, easily update a roadmap when meeting with the team or talking to clients.

This tool is easily integrated with such programs as Jira, Trello, Azure DevOps, GitHub, and Confluence.

Pricing: the “Business” plan — from $39/mo, the “Enterprise” plan — from $69/mo, the «Enterprise Plus» plan — from $100/mo.

All plans are available after paying for a whole year.

A trial period lasts 15 days.

ProdPad Logo

ProdPad Logo



This software helps to create corporate roadmaps and manage them by using Kanban project management methodology. For this, you need to distribute all project’s tasks on a virtual board in the form of interactive cards.

This software is integrated with popular CRM systems such as Pipedrive, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

This helps to gather reviews from clients in one place and then create hypotheses to improve the product and test it on their basis.

Pricing: the “Essential” plan — from $99/mo, the “Advanced” plan — $230/mo, the “Performance” — from $900.

Plans start working after purchasing an account for a whole year.

A trial period —  7 days.

ClickUp Logo

ClickUp Logo



This software gives us the possibility to rapidly create a thematic roadmap and control target reaching by using various statuses and checklists.

A special Box View tab gives us the possibility to analyze what task is our colleague currently working at, what has been done, and what tasks should be executed.

The software helps to create corporate documents and thematic databases.

If a new team member joins the project, he/she will simply need to study saved documentation.

Pricing: the “Free Forever” basic plan — $0/mo, the “Unlimited” plan — $5, the “Business” plan — from $9/mo for a user, the “Enterprise” plan — by a preliminary request.

Plans start working after purchasing an account for a whole year.

There is no trial period.

Roadmap Planner Logo

Roadmap Planner Logo

Roadmap Planner


The platform allows creating a roadmap and constantly prioritizing the tasks in logically clear multistage architecture.

The Scopes parameter allows grouping the tasks in such a way that they can show the project’s execution progress.

Distinctive advantage of the program is its multi-lingual interface — it has English, Russian, Korean and Japanese versions.

Pricing: a personal plan — from $5.83/mon for a user, the “Business” plan — $ 8.74, the “Custom” plan — by a preliminary request.

A trial version lasts 14 days.

A small comparison table

Software namePriceA free trial period
GanttPROFrom $1515 days
ProductPlanFrom $3915 days
ProdPadFrom $ 997 days
ClickUpFrom $0Absent
Roadmap PlannerFrom $5,8314 days



To properly choose a special roadmapping tool, you should thoroughly analyze the functionality of every product and the amount of money you have.

It may happen that you’ll need to use some features of a certain tool and this will help you to save money or organize a more proper process of software deployment and software testing.

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