Actual Learning Materials for Middle QA Engineers

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This article isn’t supposed to be 100% objective since every tester or QA team can use some other source of knowledge. Nevertheless, all the sources presented below have a great deal of useful information which may help you to achieve your work objectives.

What Books Should You Read?

Let’s focus on just three textbooks that contain materials not only about testing. Of course, nowadays the number of subject literature is simply unlimited, and with the help of search queries, you can find anything. But we will not turn the article into a list of outdated books, which you are unlikely to see somewhere.

Educational Literature About Testing

Studying the thematic literature on QA specialization is an extremely important point because textbooks provide some foundation for gradual development. But books have one disadvantage – it takes much time to write them, it takes even longer to translate into the languages you need and, as a fact, their content quickly loses its original relevance. It is highly undesirable to start learning testing from Testing Computer Software by Cem Kaner and Automated Software Testing by Elfriede Dustin. Leave them aside for the future, but for now, focus on the classics, so to speak.

Perfect Software and Other Illusions about Testing by Gerald M. Weinberg
You should read this book not least because it has been translated into Ukrainian. Plus, the content is very good and is quick on the uptake.

xUnit Test Patterns by Gerard Meszaros
This guide allows you to quickly learn how to apply certain patterns and anti-patterns while creating test patterns.

A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design by Lee Copeland
This book contains a lot of useful techniques for building a test design, and all this is described in English! So, it can be used not only as a storehouse of knowledge but also as a platform for improving a foreign language, especially if the management of your software testing company strongly requires this from you.

Video Materials for Gradual Learning

On this site, you may find videos from all modern (past) conferences on software testing. The content is very good, you can find particular materials in special categories.

SQA Days
Before Heisenbug, it was the top website for testers from around the world. There is good content! Also, you can find some interesting materials from the past.

Thematic Courses

It is a lost cause to recommend any courses, especially when it comes to paid materials. So, let’s say in other words: if something specific interests you, look for information on YouTube. There you can find not only the information you need but also make new acquaintances, with the help of which the resolution of your questions will become easier and faster.

Even middle QA will find something to read on this resource. A lot of information, both about test analytics and the peculiarities of test team management.

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