Service Quality Assurance: Benefits of Glass Box Testing in Coding Stage

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When coding phase begins, a programmer has to write and test programs alone, without anyone’s help. At this stage, it is common to use glass box test design technique. It is also known as open or white box testing that requires knowledge of internal workings or structure of an app, as test data are derived from the program code / logic.

Service quality assurance is delivered to most software companies that desire to validate IT products as they are created, throughout all their development life cycle. This preventive measure contributes to the maintenance of stable and correct work of the builds.

So, a tester, whose duties are performed by a programmer, develops test cases based on knowledge of the source code that is fully accessible to him. And, accordingly, he gets the following advantages:

  • Data integrity track. The programmer knows which part of the program should change each data element. Tracking state of the data (for example, by using a debugger), he can detect errors such as improper change of the data made by wrong modules, misinterpretation or bad organization of the data. The programmer himself can automate a testing process.
  • Internal boundary points. In the source code, a programmer can observe the boundary points that are invisible “from the outside”. For example, completely different set of algorithms can be used to perform a certain operation, and, without looking inside the code, it is impossible to determine which of them has been chosen by the programmer. Also, the program needs to be revised to identify potential and current problem of buffer overflows, as the buffer is used for temporary storage of input data. The programmer can immediately calculate which amount of data copied in a memory buffer will exceed its size and this may cause the destination buffer to overflow, and, at that he has not to conduct thousands of tests.

Quality assurance testing services are beneficial in ensuring the best quality of software apps under development. It is less costly to prevent costly problems in the product development then to solve them during the post-release period.

  • Algorithm-based special testing. To test data processing workflow that is based on sophisticated calculation algorithms it may be necessary to use special technology. Matrix transformation and data sorting are the classic examples of usage of specified algorithms. The tester needs to know exactly which algorithms are used in the work and turn to a special literature.

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