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Fundamentally – it is a person, whose professional responsibilities include the detection of bugs and their elimination, performing various testing types (localization testing services, security testing, performance testing as a service and many more). Testers also describe bugs and execute the bug performance. Practically, it’s a person who is together with the developer ensures the quality of the program.

Tester is like a link between the developer and user. It’s a specialist, who is able considering the problem from the user point of view and is also able to discuss the problem with the developer due to programming languages.

There is no need to mix up tester and beta-testers. The first one – is a professional, who perform one’s job and receives the salary. The second one – is a program user, who is hired to “test” a new software program. However, this does not diminish the importance of beta-testing as a service. Without this step, the end product can never be “unclaimed”.

Tester’s Qualities

  1. Observance. A person, who performs software test services, should notice all the slightest malfunctions in the program under test.
  2. Pedantry. Every test should be executed carefully and not once.
  3. Perseverance. Software testing of every product, especially games, is not an easy task. Not rarely, tester spends much more time on the computer than a developer. The defect must be found and described, and also, should be double-checked after it was fixed by the developer.
  4. Persistence. Not rarely, the tester has to be defended his rightness, proving the existence of a found bug which can’t be played on a computer programmer.
  5. Tactfulness. The software is always a part of the developer, who designed it. Do you like when someone points out on your mistakes?
  6. Sociability. Tester doesn’t exist inisolation. Will he/she work as a part of the dedicated testing team, or alone with developer – he/she can’t go without socializing.
  7. Love to work. Corny? Perhaps, but the fact remains. If you are not interested, you don’t survive long.
  8. The desire to study. Technology is not even gone, but rather run forward. To test, one needs to know everything about those products, which you will face later.

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