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Today we are going to talk about the most popular plugins for autocompletion that can be a good handy tool for testing forms and separate alphanumeric fields.

The top 3 plugins are the following:

  • Bug Magnet;
  • Web Developer Toolbar;
  • Fake Filler.

Let’s have a look at each of these products.

Bug Magnet

Download link –

With this product, it is possible to fill the forms one-by-one or with human direct participation. One just needs to choose the necessary values for testing.

Bug Magnet

Bug Magnet

The plugin has a lot of useful fields for auto-filling:

  • Email;
  • Name;
  • Card number;
  • Numbers;
  • Alphabetic acronyms.

The most useful functions of this extension:

  • The Email field is probably the most requested field during web product testing. A user doesn’t have to create a unique and valid email. He/she just needs to choose the necessary email from the suggested list. One may take both valid and invalid emails.
  • The Format exploits field allows a user to conduct simple vulnerability tests.

Developers of this plugin claim that they managed to put together the most requested values for verification operations. The product offers both typical values and the ability to go beyond traditional formats and values.

Specifications of use:

  1. Install the plugin;
  2. Choose the text field that needs to be tested;
  3. Click on the plugin;
  4. Select the necessary field;
  5. Identify the required value;
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for all the further operations.

Web Developer Toolbar

The website –

Web Developer Toolbar

Web Developer Toolbar

This plugin will be useful for both experienced QA and those who are new to the software testing field. The product can correctly fill absolutely all the form fields. However, it should be noted that all the values will be non-original, always the same – plugin takes the field name from its HTML structure.

It is a very helpful product that has a lot of useful functions. It can:

  • Auto-fill forms;
  • Remove current field length restriction;
  • Fill checkboxes on the form being tested;
  • Uncheck checkboxes.

Way to use:

  1. Install the plugin;
  2. Click on the plugin icon in a browser (in the form of a gear-wheel);
  3. Click on the Forms tab;
  4. Go to Populate Form Fields.

Fake Filler

The website –

Fake Filler

Fake Filler

This extension allows with one click to fill all the forms and at the same time operate with completely random values. This is its big advantage comparing with the Web Developer Toolbar – a user can always use completely different digital and alphabetic values. And there are no unnecessary actions needed to create unique data!

The plugin features:

  • Form filling;
  • Support of the maxlength options;
  • Random fillings of dropdowns and radio buttons;
  • It ignores Captcha that can be hidden or disabled;
  • Support for autocomplete forms.

The usage is very simple – you just need to install the plugin and launch it. After that, the tested fields will be filled automatically!


To sum up these three most highly-demanded plugins for forms auto-filling, we can distinguish the following peculiarities of their usage. Bug Magnet is better to use for exploratory testing aims. But if you need to quickly check a lot of fields at the same time, then you should use Fake Filler or Web Developer Toolbar.

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