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In order to obtain a high-quality software to testing programs, it’s advisable to involve dedicated testing teams from independent software testing companies. They establish several levels of independent testing, and the level of independence raises due to the enumeration of the items mentioned below.

Levels of Independent Testing

  • Testers are absent, and programmers check their code themselves. Such cases are usual on start-up project or only in newly established companies. Developers, in such cases, must be strongly motivated in providing excellent quality and efficiency of their programs. If there is very short time for development, testing no longer takes time, and there are significant risks in the future using the software product.
  • Testers are part of the team that is developing a software product. On the one hand, it’s good when things are close by (even in the same room) and aware of all the problems on the project. Testers learn from developers, where to focus in order to detect the weaknesses of the program. On the other hand, testers must have a high level of responsibility for the product to be checked, and they should not cover developers and withhold information about problems at the project.
  • Testers are a separate team in the organization that develops the software product.

For testing a software product, software companies involve dedicated testing teams from third-party companies.

It turns out that the best option for the customer, when the project is being developed by programmers by the company “A”, and checked by the company “B”. Testers, in this case, are objective and unbiased, as well as they can see with fresh eyes new defects.

In any case, regardless of the level of independence of testing, developers and testers should always be respectful to each other. Information about errors must be provided without personal criticism of who made it. Also, testers should not be on the team perceived as messengers of bad news because they don’t write code, and do not constitute defects, but only find bugs.

Developers and testers, who are working together on the creation of high-quality and best product on the market, which in the future must satisfy customers and users.

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