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The rapid growth of the development process leads to a variety of QA tasks on projects. Manual functional testing, automated checks, load tests, and regression testing – all this requires special skills, as well as efficient tooling support from the QA department.

Typical bug tracking systems cannot always solve all the tasks described above. Hence, every team has to look for additional tools to support the control system for bugs found. For example, this can be functionality that can create and store test data, record test results, combine test reports, and distribute work within the testing department. Devprom ALM is one such tool.

Features of Devprom ALM

Devprom is an original product that has the best functionality and solutions of both paid and free tools of ALM level for outsourcing QA companies.

Devprom ALM

Devprom ALM

Devprom has good functionality to manage development methodology by Scrum and Kanban. It also has a great bug tracker that automatically adds data to every project.

Built-in test module allows managing the whole available functionality and provides users with a possibility to test software on the ALM systems level (in a similar manner to such products as HP QC and Microsoft TF).

The program has paid license plans for 200-220 USD for 1 account for QA.

Devprom ALM is a web product that helps quickly and easily to create test reports. QA specialist doesn’t have to describe all the test steps in detail, since they are already automatically recorded in test documentation which is the basis for testing.

A bug is directly connected with test reports, and the programmer just in 1 click goes to the place where QA has found the defect. The testing process is completely written into the procedure of software development. And when releasing the complex product, QC is followed by a cross-platform basis that is operated by every member of a testing team.

Benefits of Devprom

  1. Complete ALM integration;
  2. Focus on markets of the former CIS countries, as well as the opportunity to use individual online consultations;
  3. Option to improve the program according to local tasks of project teams;
  4. It is completely open-source.
Example of Devprom performance from the Internet

Example of Devprom performance from the Internet

Whenever possible, everyone can try 30 days free period to see how this software works and reach out to the online support engineers so they can hold a presentation of this product.

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