App Testing Services: 4 Critical Elements That Should be Validated

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Mobile application testing services, regarding process, are divided into two categories: common test (or smoke testing) and functional testing as a service. The testing of the first build always starts from smoke testing. Subsequently, the performance of the given tests would be the criterion of build delivery before the final release.

The set of test scenarios depends on the application specification. However, there is a certain set of software test services, which are widely used by testers.

Mobile app testing as a service requires attention and scrupulosity to details to get a qualitative final product. Our specialists highlighted the most important elements of mobile app testing.

#1 Content

It is the most important aspect of every application, and a great deal of attention should be devoted to content testing. The following issues are essential to be tested:

  • All the textual & graphical blocks.
  • Language support.
  • Correct display of all the elements.
  • Validation of date, numbers, currency and time.

#2. App Feedback

If the user uses some app functionality, he or she should receive the feedback from the application, meaning that the sequence of actions is correct. What issues should be validated:

  • Adequate mapping of the depressed condition of elements.
  • Button response when pressing them.
  • Relevant and correct display of media content.

#3. Updates

Updates should be fast and clear for users. They shouldn’t require some additional knowledge. After updates, the application should store all accumulated user information.  Issues to validate:

  • Functionality alignment of new and old versions.
  • Adequacy of updates.

#4. Monkey Test

Application should react adequately to receiving the chaotic stream of information, and the following issues should be validated:

  •  App navigation convenience.
  • The absence of empty screens.
  • Pressing all the buttons at the same time.

App testing services are the specialized services that aim to release a user-friendly, safe, reliable software. The given testing type should be executed according to the documentation.

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