Load Testing


Website Testing Services: How Fast is Your Website? Measure It!

This article concentrates on the website load speed and its constant optimization that are necessary for a successful project monetization. In this article, you will find a list of tools for estimating productivity, speed and hardware of your computer. CHECKING OF HARDWARE STRENGHT For checking strength of hardware – download UnixBench from the official website. The given benchmark is designed

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Choosing a Load Testing Services Provider

Actually, performance testing is done to analyze your app in order to know how it works according to specified criteria. In other words, by this we shall understand the loading and reaction of application to be used by a single person, how quick they are.


Steps to Conduct Websites Load Testing

Before setting server to work or to load it at its full capacity, it’s necessary to check the maximum load it can withstand. It is made in order to prevent such problems as: long loading, freezing (hanging), errors.