Cucumber and Selenium for Effective Automated Testing Services

Automated testing is surely a necessary routine in any large project. Test automation is associated with a number of tools and approaches, each possessing its pros and cons. But today we are going to focus on a Cucumber tool combined with Selenium framework.


Quality Assurance Company Selection Checklist

Learn about the initial screening of software testing companies. If you do not know how to select a software testing company please read the following content.


Providing Useful Information in E-Commerce Application

According to results of ecommerce testing, many web shops don’t give their clients sufficient information that allows them to choose and acquire the desired products fast and effortlessly.


The QA Manager’s Role in Quality Assured Services and Outsourcing

Do you know what pricelessness of software testing is? At a software testing company the key role of QA Manager consists in delivering a perfect service level. This is the reason why a QA Manager has always been appointed by TestMatick to every project whatever it is – big or small. It is a bit expensive to employ Quality Assurance

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When to Start Outsourcing Software Testing? What is the Best Time for Quality Assurance Services?

Should outsourcing software testing be considered a core competency and what about outsourcing software testing? These two are essentially important, so “both” could be the right answer. Besides, a software quality can be built as a core competence and outsourcing testing. It is possible to avoid a lot of various issues as well as build a stronger company and a

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How Do Game Testers Feel About Working in Testing Companies?

There is hardly a person who has never dreamed of a game testing profession. Make your living while playing games! Doesn’t it sound great? While this may seem an excellent work and a cool way to get the first job in the game industry, there are still some cons of being a part of game testing companies.


QA Companies and Software Development

Your software testing company can easily become disconnected from your software development team and afterwards be accountable for bad quality and late releases.


4 Things to Remember Before Seeking Software Testing Company Services

IT outsourcing software development is no more a whim but a popular trend today. Companies that lack time and resources to carry out a certain project in-house decide to rely on QA consulting and testing services from off-site vendors.


7 Major Misunderstandings on QA Outsourcing

While dealing with QA Outsourcing partner first, companies are known to have some preconceptions regarding the differences in work style, partially originating from particular company culture as well as between the teams – an Agile and a traditional ones. Below it is a list of ordinary misunderstandings on QA Outsourcing.


QA Consulting: How to Organize Registration on a Web Shop?

People don’t like to spend time on filling various forms and share their personal data with reluctance. But clients’ personal information is necessary for identification of the clients and marketing purposes.