Software Testing Outsourcing Services

Various offshore services become more and more popular in different fields, information technology is among them. Often foreign companies and specialists are hired for software development and software testing. Giving some tasks or all the works for outsourcing, the managers pursue certain aims.

Applying for Outsourcing Software Testing Services Project Managers Usually Want:

  • to cut the project expenses;
  • to get independent, impartial feedback about the software product;
  • to entrust the software product to experienced and professional test engineers, who will help to diminish time to market of the product and assure its high quality.

Nowadays there are many different offshore software testing companies all over the world. Unfortunately, not all of them abide high international standards of software testing services and business dealing.

Before Signing an Agreement with an Offshore Software Testing Company it is Wise to Inquire:

  • how long the company has been at the market;
  • what feedback about the company its clients give, whether the clients are satisfied with the services;
  • about skills, competence and experience of the company test engineers;
  • about the domain knowledge of the test engineers;
  • whether communication with the hired team can be properly organized;
  • whether the testers have sufficient command of English or other languages that are needed for the project;
  • whether the company properly handles sensitive information of its clients and cares about security of intellectual property in compliance with international standards;
  • whether the company testers can meet the project deadlines;
  • with what bug tracking systems the test engineers work and what error reports they provide upon completing the tasks;
  • about the price of their services, whether it is acceptable for the project budget and reasonable.

Our company builds transparent and mutually beneficial cooperation with its clients.

TestMatick Encourages Its Potential Clients:

  • to interview our test engineers and project managers and evaluate their knowledge, professional and personal qualities, command of the language and communication skills;
  • to give some tasks to our manual and automated test engineers in order to assess their skills in software testing;
  • to get to know work experience and education of our test engineers and project managers;
  • to study portfolios of our testers and project managers;
  • to look through samples of test plans, test cases, error reports that write our test engineers;
  • to come to our office and see our working conditions, equipment, devices, communicate with the testers and managers.
We have been involved in offshore software testing for about 10 years.


For this time we have elaborated a lot of advantages and built good relationships with many companies from different parts of the world. Our clients work in various fields, among them there are world leaders in their business dimensions.

TestMatick Advantages Are:


  • We provide a wide range of software testing and quality assurance services. We can start testing at any stage of software development life-cycle and considerably increase quality of the software.
  • We are client-oriented and build our cooperation with the clients in compliance with their interests. For each project we elaborate custom test plan and test procedures that serve to achieving the project goals and satisfying clients’ desires.
  • In our team there are test engineers specializing in different types of software testing.
  • Average experience of our testers and project managers is 3 – 5 years.
  • TestMatick cares about information security of its clients, we sign a nondisclosure agreement in order to protect the intellectual property. Our testers are trained to work with sensitive data.
  • Our test engineers can work under tight time constraints. They meet the deadlines and provide reliable and informative test results.
  • We have flexible pricing policy and 3 business models that help our clients to save costs and receive high-quality software testing services.