Log Deliverables

Test Case Validation Log

The basic objective of Test Case Validation Log is to validate the testing coverage of the application. It contains such information as Test Date, Tester Name, Results and Status.

Risk Management Log

Risk Management Log is a document that becomes essential as it records identified risks, their severity, and the actions steps to be taken. It can be a simple document, spreadsheet, or a database system, but the most effective format is a table. A table presents a great deal of information in just a few pages.

Risk Log

Risk Log is a document used as risk management tool and to fulfill regulatory compliance acting as a repository for all risks identified and includes additional information about each risk, e.g. nature of the risk, reference and owner, mitigation measures.

Quality Log

Quality Log is used to help you itemize, document, and track items reported through quality management activities.  The  available tabs in this Microsoft Excel worksheet allow you report on your quality assurance and quality control activities.  Based on the insights you gain by properly documenting your quality management activities, you will be able to suggest changes to improve your organization’s processes.

Issue Log

Issue log is a documentation element of software project management. An issue log contains a list of ongoing and closed issues of the project. While issue logs can be viewed as a way to track errors in the project, the role it plays often extends further. Issue log is used to order and organize the current issues by type and severity in order to prioritize issues associated with the current milestone or iteration. Issue log  also contains customer requests and remarks about the various problems that can be found in current code.

Error Log

An error log is a document, which contains a log of errors encountered by a system.

It includes such information as Description of Failure / Error, Follow-up, Reviewed and Comments.

Change Control Log

Change Control Log is used to provide a record of all changes requested and decisions made.

It contains such information as ModuleName, AssignedTo, DueDate Status and Comments.

Action Item Log

The Action Item Log contains a summary of all the action items that come up during the life of the project. Action items typically arise as follow-up work from meetings when all the necessary information is not known at the time, or from activities that need to be worked on off-line.